31 October 2010

A Saturday Drive

This past Saturday was spent in the beautiful mountains of Sylva, North Carolina. The drive took over one hour and my husband thought we were going to Tennessee--we were 90 miles from Knoxville. The town is surrounded by mountains--and the leaves were lovely! I went into the City Light Bookstore and the first book I saw was on The Lake District(England)and yes I bought the book!!

We had a nice lunch at Hooper's located on Main Street--the food tasted like a home cook meal. Husband said he would like to go back to Sylva, stay over night and go on the Blue Ridge Parkway--we saw the entrance, but after walking for several hours we were ready to come home.

Downtown Sylva was celebrating Halloween and I thought it was sweet to see all the businesses giving out candy to the little ones. It was very busy, but I must say it was fun to be in the middle of it all. For more information on this beautiful town please go to: http://www.townofsylva.org/

Have the week of your choice!

Tracy :)

The drive to Sylva

Fall Colors

Downtown Sylva

An Independent Bookstore

Another Picture of The Bookstore
A Nice Family Restaurant

Yum Yum

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