24 October 2010

Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair

I don't get many Saturday's off  from work, but when I do-- I am always trying to find a good outing for the family. Yesterday, husband, daughter and I spent a good part of Saturday at the Southeastern Animal Fair(Fletcher, North Carolina)and we were not disappointed. If you love weaving, spinning, knitting and all types of yarn--this is place for you! We met some very nice people and visited booth after booth filled with colorful yarns(I lost count, because there were so many!!). My daughter who is learning how to knit was asking people a lot of questions and as you can see, she was shown how to weave.

For more information on the fair please go to: http://www.saffsite.org/

One thing that caught our attention and we fell in love with were the llamas and alpacas. I kept hearing a small sound and thought is was a baby, but an owner of one of the alpacas told me it's how they cry.  These animals are very timid and yes they do spit! We did not see one spit yesterday--I guess they were all happy, because they were being fed by so many people. They only have bottom teeth, so when you feed them they cannot bite you--my daughter could have fed them all day long.

Also, the fleece on the alpacas is very soft and once it is made into yarn can be very expensive! I would love to have one alpaca but we saw prices range from 4.000 to 10.000--It's always nice to dream! If you would like to read more on these beautiful animals-please go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpaca.

Hope your week is a good one!

Tracy :)
So Much to See


Weaving Loom

Making a hat





Christmas Ornaments

My Daughter Weaving

A Baby Alpaca




Alpaca Fleece


Sarah Laurence said...

How much fun! I want a baby alpaca too but I'd settle for a soft hand knit jersey. Great photos! Also enjoyed the squirrel below.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

The fleece was so soft--I can see why the yarn is so high!!!!

Thanks for your visit, Sarah

Tracy :)