31 May 2011

Field Day 2011

 A few weeks ago, field day took place at HPCS and what a beautiful day it was! Grades 3-6 participated in many activities and some of the competitions that took place were: running, a sack race, long jump, baseball throw, jump rope and walking backwards on your hands just to name a few. I was so happy to see the students encouraging other students--no matter if that student was in first or last place.

I enjoy field day, because it's a time for parents to meet and catch up on the year and see what plans are being made for next year. It is also nice to hear summer plans that are on the horizon.

Start of the games

Getting ready

Go Katie!

Mrs M keeping track of the results

Long jump

50 yard dash

Sack race

Picture speaks for it's self

Oh, yes we had a very nice lunch at Frodo's--great pizza!

Hope everyone will have the day of your choice!

Tracy :)

29 May 2011

Catch Up Time

Results from the Swamp Rabbit 5k

It's been three weeks since the GHS Swamp Rabbit 5K and I would like to share my results and pictures with you. There were between 4.000 to 6.000 participants--I have never seen so many people ready to run or walk in one place! I enjoyed my walk and as I have said before-walking is my think time and trust me I had a lot of time to think on this walk. My daughter walked in the race and I told her to go on and don't worry about me. She did great and I am very proud of her.

The time has finally come


During this walk, I thought of my mom who suffered a stroke one month ago. Every step I took, I did in her honor and I know one day she will walk again.
Thought this was funny--I saw the one mile mark, but never saw the mark for mile 2 or 3. I asked one of the helpers how much longer until I get to mile 2 and 3. He laughed and told me I was near the end of the race! Yes, I did make it to the end and when I saw my husband and daughter waiting on me I cried.

Relaxing before the race

More relaxing

Katie geting information on Girls On The Run
It has been one year since my weigh loss surgery and I have come to understand that if you put your mind to something you can achieve it. I never though, I would walk over three miles, but I did it. No I did not win, but I finished the race under the time I set for myself.

My family and first time I have ever had on a tee shirt


Tracy :)

13 May 2011


                                              Keep Smiling

                         If at times you feel you want to cry
                         And life seems such a trial

                         Above the clouds there's a bright blue sky
                         So make your tears a smile.

                         As you travel on life's way
                        With its many ups and downs

                         Remember its quite true to say
                        One smile is worth a dozen frowns.

                        Among the worlds expensive things
                        A smile is very cheap

                       And when you give a smile away
                       You get one back to keep.

                      Happiness comes at times to all
                      But sadness comes unbidden

                     And sometimes a few tears must fall
                     Among the laughter hidden.

                    So when friends have sadness on their face
                   And troubles round them piled

                   The world will seem a better place
                   And all because you smiled.

                ~Author Unknown~

Hope everyone will have the week end of your choice

Tracy :)
Picture From Google

11 May 2011

Spring Flowers

Was walking around my neighborhood and saw some beautiful flowers I would like to share with you. I am sorry, I cannot tell you the names of these flowers, but feel most of them are dogwoods(??). Pictures one and three, I have not a clue. If you know , please share with me.

Tracy :)

09 May 2011

Library of Congress on Wheels

A few weeks ago an eighteen wheel truck came through Greenville carrying several small exhibitions on The Library of Congress. The exhibition is called, Gateway To Knowledge. I lived six years in Washington DC and never once did I visit The library of Congress--for that I could kick myself in the bottom! The exhibitions tells how Thomas Jefferson started the library and some of the exhibitions you will see are:

1. 1507 Waldseemuller Map
2. 1455 Gutenberg Bible
3. Declaration of Independence(rough draft)
4. 1962 drawings for the comic books Spider
5. Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman.

There are also several computers the public can use to look up information on The Library of Congress(web site).

If you have a chance to visit this great exhibition I would highly recommend it. Also, if you are in the Washington DC area take time to visit the library-do not be like me and put if off.

For more information: Library of Congress

Hope everyone will have the week of your choice!

Tracy :)

*Sorry-pictures could not be taken inside*

and more

Love the old books

I love this quote!

145 million books--unreal!

Some pictures form the exhibitions

08 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day

One month ago, my mom had a stroke--it's something I never though my family and I would go through. I cannot express how much I love my mom and how much I appreciate all she has done for me. She will over come the stroke with hard work but to see her struggle with a few things has made me understand so much.

One thing I would like to stress over and over is--never take for granted your mom and all she has done and will do for you. My mom got me through my weight loss surgery one year ago. I would have never survived the surgery without her love and support. She has also made me the strong person I am today.

I love you mama--stay strong and you will be home soon.

Tracy :)

I want to wish all mothers a very Happy Mother's Day
(Picture is from google)