28 November 2010

Stumphouse Tunnel and Isaqueena Falls 2

The Isaqueena Falls are located near the Stumphouse Tunnel and was name for a young Cherokee Indian Maiden. Isqueena faked her suicide by pretending to jump off the falls, but she actually hid behind the falls until her pursuers left the area.

The falls are beautiful and the view is gorgeous!

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Information taken from:oconeecountry.com

Tracy :)

Husband took this picture

and this one

Start of the falls

Looking out over the falls
More beautiful leaves

History of the falls

24 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone will have a very thankful day!!

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Stumphouse Tunnel And Isaqueena Falls Part 1

Another great outing this past Saturday to Walhalla (Oconee County) and it was worth the trip! Husband, daughter and I went to the Stumphouse Tunnel and saw the beautiful Isaqueena falls. The tunnel was built around 1856 and was to be an easy and fast route by train from Charleston, SC to Cincinnati, Ohio, but due to financial problems and the Civil War construction of the tunnel was stopped.
Walk Way To Tunnel

An Old Train
Inside the tunnel is very cold and you can feel water dropping down at times. Clemson University use to store their blue cheese in the tunnel, but now the cheese is kept at the Agricultural Center on the campus. You can order Clemson's blue cheese by going to the University's web site and pull-up the food service link.

Inside Looking Out

Daughter Catching Water

Information on Stumphouse Tunnel was taken from Wikipedia and Walhalla Chamber of Commerce

Tracy :)

Come back next week for part two: Isaqueena Falls

Preview Of What Is To Come

14 November 2010

Why Am I Crazy For The Purple Potato?

 I do my vegetable shopping at the local produce stand where I live and for the last few months, I have noticed purple potatoes. What attracted me to these potatoes was the color--I love the color purple. The nice lady who works at the stand notice I was picking these odd potatoes up and looking at them with amazement--so she approached me and shared stories other people have told her regarding this strange looking vegetable.

The Beautiful Purple Potato

The purple potato contains antioxidant that is found in blueberries and anthocyanin gives the potato it's purple color(information taken from answers.com).

One evening for supper, I made some homemade purple mashed potatoes and the results varies from each family members:
                        husband said "stick with red potatoes"
                        daughter loved the mashed potatoes and the color
                        dad said "they were fine"
                        mom said "they were good"
                        brother did not care

If you have seen or cooked these potatoes please let me know.

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Tracy :)

Two Shades Of Purple

 Purple Mashed Potatoes

06 November 2010

Fall Colors

I love fall and all the beautiful colors the season brings. These pictures were taken in South Carolina and on our last outing to North Carolina. Hard to believe the difference one week can make--Sylva, North Carolina area got snow Saturday!

Have the week of your choice.

Tracy :)
South Carolina
Fall or Spring
North Carolina
North Carolina
South Carolina

03 November 2010

Happy Face

Wanted to share this picture my daughter took on the steps of the court house in Sylva, North Carolina.

Funny-at her age she is so attentive to detail that she could find a smile in a brick(made from what I wonder?).

Tracy :)

Do You See The Happy Face?