31 October 2010

A Saturday Drive

This past Saturday was spent in the beautiful mountains of Sylva, North Carolina. The drive took over one hour and my husband thought we were going to Tennessee--we were 90 miles from Knoxville. The town is surrounded by mountains--and the leaves were lovely! I went into the City Light Bookstore and the first book I saw was on The Lake District(England)and yes I bought the book!!

We had a nice lunch at Hooper's located on Main Street--the food tasted like a home cook meal. Husband said he would like to go back to Sylva, stay over night and go on the Blue Ridge Parkway--we saw the entrance, but after walking for several hours we were ready to come home.

Downtown Sylva was celebrating Halloween and I thought it was sweet to see all the businesses giving out candy to the little ones. It was very busy, but I must say it was fun to be in the middle of it all. For more information on this beautiful town please go to: http://www.townofsylva.org/

Have the week of your choice!

Tracy :)

The drive to Sylva

Fall Colors

Downtown Sylva

An Independent Bookstore

Another Picture of The Bookstore
A Nice Family Restaurant

Yum Yum

24 October 2010

Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair

I don't get many Saturday's off  from work, but when I do-- I am always trying to find a good outing for the family. Yesterday, husband, daughter and I spent a good part of Saturday at the Southeastern Animal Fair(Fletcher, North Carolina)and we were not disappointed. If you love weaving, spinning, knitting and all types of yarn--this is place for you! We met some very nice people and visited booth after booth filled with colorful yarns(I lost count, because there were so many!!). My daughter who is learning how to knit was asking people a lot of questions and as you can see, she was shown how to weave.

For more information on the fair please go to: http://www.saffsite.org/

One thing that caught our attention and we fell in love with were the llamas and alpacas. I kept hearing a small sound and thought is was a baby, but an owner of one of the alpacas told me it's how they cry.  These animals are very timid and yes they do spit! We did not see one spit yesterday--I guess they were all happy, because they were being fed by so many people. They only have bottom teeth, so when you feed them they cannot bite you--my daughter could have fed them all day long.

Also, the fleece on the alpacas is very soft and once it is made into yarn can be very expensive! I would love to have one alpaca but we saw prices range from 4.000 to 10.000--It's always nice to dream! If you would like to read more on these beautiful animals-please go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpaca.

Hope your week is a good one!

Tracy :)
So Much to See


Weaving Loom

Making a hat





Christmas Ornaments

My Daughter Weaving

A Baby Alpaca




Alpaca Fleece

17 October 2010

Walking And Wondering

Several months ago, husband and I went out for a drive and came across an old cemetery located in Central, South Carolina. One thing that caught our attention were the tombstones and how some of them were made--many of the inscriptions were very hard to read. I tried to research this cemetery and was not able to find any information.

As I was walking and looking at each of the tombstones, I  kept wondering who were these people, what kind of life did they have and I also wondered if they had families at the time they died?  I was also thinking to myself, no matter the size of the tombstone someone thought the deceased was special and they deserved to be remembered. One of the tombstone was made from a tire rim and we saw many that were made by hand from concrete.

I did find my walk through this cemetery a learning experience and one that made me do a lot of thinking and wondering.

Wishing all a great week!

Tracy :)

Made From A Tire Rim

Who Was M.D.?

Who Was J.S.G.?

Does This Say Mama?

13 October 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Do you see a face in the cloud?
Picture was taken by my daughter while walking at Furman University.

10 October 2010

Good-Bye Summer

This summer was one of the best I can remember. My weight loss is going great and as of today I have lost 130 pounds. I will see my Dr at the end of October for my check-up(six months)and I hope to get some news on having plastic surgery next year. I never knew how much my life would change when I was thinking about having weight loss surgery, but now I take not one thing for granted! It is a good feeling when my daughter tells me, "mama I can get my arms around you and my hands are closed. Life is so good!!

Also, this summer my husband planted a wonderful garden. We had tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers growing like crazy. Problems with corn and watermelons--only two small watermelons this year but I can truly say those were great melons--very sweet and a deep red color. Husband also planted sunflowers and as you can tell they were beautiful. Sunflowers have a way of making me feel good and happy--they are my favorite flower. What is your favorite flower?

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Tracy :)




More Sunflowers

And More