25 April 2011

Quilts Part 1

Growing up I have always loved quilts. To me they tell a story and share history that can be passed down from generations to generations. This lovely quilt was made by my friend Julie(moments in perfect clarity) who lives in Denmark--she has a wonderful talent I wish I had!

I have two more lovely quilts on the way that Julie also made and I cannot wait for them to arrive! Will post pictures as soon as I get them. Now, I will let the pictures tell the story of the beautiful art work Julie has made.

Have the week/day of your choice!

Tracy :)
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Nancy M. said...

How pretty! I love quilts too! They hold special memories for me! I have one my aunt made up out of pieces of old blankets and such. I really love that old thing!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Nancy

Thank You! I also love old things- You can learn so much from something that is homemade.

Have a great day!

Tracy :)