22 March 2011

Catching Up

Thought I would play catch up with a few things I have been meaning to follow up on.

Remember the map monster? I had asked my readers to help me come up with a name and it seems Guiliver won out.


I won this beautiful garland from a wonderful blog: moments in perfect clarity
 Thanks Julie!:
Lucky Me

Beautiful Colors

 Julie also made some lovely stitched up cards. Could not give up buying a few--love them all! She sells these cards on Big Cartel which you can find on her blog.


Ready to Take A Walk?

Watch Out Below!
The catch up is done for now!

I hope everyone will have the day of your choice.

Tracy :)


Sarah Laurence said...

Gulliver is the perfect name for your map pal.

debbie bailey said...

Visiting for the first time. Seems that we have many similar interests. I'm reading Pat Conroy's new book about his reading life. He mentions visiting Archibald Rutledge at Hampton Plantation. I've been meaning to go there for years. Maybe I'll get there this summer. I love South Carolina! I'll be spending a week on Fripp in May. Can't wait!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Sarah

I could not agree with you more! Thanks for your visit.

Tracy :)

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Debbie

Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoyed your visit! I could also tell from your blog we do have many interests that are the same--mainly books.

I hope your trip to Fripp will be a great one.

Tracy :)

Christina said...

loving on these photos.