28 February 2011

Eleven Years Ago

Today is our sweet daughter's birthday. I never knew how much my life would change and how much happiness a person can give to so many people. I have watched my daughter grow into a lovely young girl--with a caring heart that loves helping people, puts other people first and loves nature(she can catch those fish).

My wish Katie is that you live your life as God has plan and you are able to travel one day and see Egypt. Keep reaching for your dreams--with hard work becoming an archaeologist is within your reach--I know this is your biggest dream.

I thank God so much for letting me be your mom!

Happy Birthday!!

We love you,
Mom and Dad :)
Chimney Rock, NC
Looking For Pumpkins
Wolf Lodge Last Year


Wanda..... said...

*~*Happy 11th Birthday*~* to your beautiful daughter.

Today is my son's 41st birthday!

Anonymous said...

My eldest daughter has a birthday 3rd March and she will be with me. I didn't have her until I was 35 and feel that that is when I really found out what love is. It's the hardest work bringing up a child but the best ever, and I am so happy for you both that you have such love ♥

Barbara said...

Beautiful tribute Mom.

Sarah Laurence said...

Happy birthday to your daughter – Katie is adorable!

julochka said...

i'm so behind in my blog reading, but what beautiful words to your beautiful daughter! i hope she had a wonderful birthday!!