04 June 2011

Spring and Summer Garden 2011

Wanted to share my Spring and Summer garden with you.

This year Mr G planted-- cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, cabbage, corn, watermelons, radishes and squash. We have pulled up several radishes and with a little sea salt I must say they were ummmm. We have also had one cucumber, but more is to come!  I am going to try my hands at canning green beans this year--hope it goes well!

I also have a small herb garden on my front porch(cilantro and basil). I think cooking is a much more enjoyable experience when you can go out in your back yard and pick fresh vegetables and herbs.

Tracy :)

Mr G Pondering

Tomatoes and Cabbage


Cabbage and a Sunflower

Green Pepper

Our First Radishes

Small But Good!

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