14 November 2010

Why Am I Crazy For The Purple Potato?

 I do my vegetable shopping at the local produce stand where I live and for the last few months, I have noticed purple potatoes. What attracted me to these potatoes was the color--I love the color purple. The nice lady who works at the stand notice I was picking these odd potatoes up and looking at them with amazement--so she approached me and shared stories other people have told her regarding this strange looking vegetable.

The Beautiful Purple Potato

The purple potato contains antioxidant that is found in blueberries and anthocyanin gives the potato it's purple color(information taken from answers.com).

One evening for supper, I made some homemade purple mashed potatoes and the results varies from each family members:
                        husband said "stick with red potatoes"
                        daughter loved the mashed potatoes and the color
                        dad said "they were fine"
                        mom said "they were good"
                        brother did not care

If you have seen or cooked these potatoes please let me know.

Have the week of your choice.

Tracy :)

Two Shades Of Purple

 Purple Mashed Potatoes

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Barbara said...

We have them here too. Wonder if they taste any different. Purple sprouts too.